Welcome to the Baptist Foundation of Illinois

Rev. Ron Knox, Board Chair

Reverend Ron Knox, Chairman of the Board

Larry Douglas Morrow, Jr. Executive Director

Larry Douglas Morrow, Jr. Executive Director


Why We’re Here ……...

Baptist Foundation of Illinois exists to help individuals, churches, associations, and institutions, meet their charitable and financial goals.  All that we do is designed to amplify the impact Christian individuals and organizations have on the world around them.  For a more up to date overview of all five of BFI’s areas of work, included our current financial performance, click here.

For organizations and individuals, BFI offers investment options that provide a sound rate of return while promoting Kingdom purposes.  BFI offers cash management, Long Term Fixed Income, and Defined Maturity Church Bonds for both organizations and individuals.

For individuals, BFI is helping persons of faith all across Illinois give with greater impact, while minimizing taxation and, in many cases, increasing personal income.  Giving strategies include gift giving during one’s lifetime as well as total estate planning.  For donors/advisors of Baptist Foundation of Illinois Donor Advised Funds, access is provided to a catalog of high impact missions giving opportunities throughout Illinois.

BFI is a member organization of the Illinois Baptist State Association and is governed by a twenty-one member board of trustees charged with the organization’s governance and ensuring the integrity of BFI investments.  BFI’s financial statements are audited annually by an independent auditor. Download or view BFI’s 2014 final audit report here.  David Edwards, Esq. of the Edwards Group, LLC serves as the BFI Trust Counsel.


Current BFI Bond Availability (as of the close of business day November 13, 2015) for issues  BFI Bond Issue 2015E, 2015G, 2015H2015I2015J supporting four churches in Western Chicagoland (re-finance), Northeastern Illinois (renovation), South Chicagoland (first building purchase), and Southeastern Illinois (new, expanded sanctuary).  You may select the maturity you wish in the available bond issue and call 217.391.3116 or 217.391.3102 to reserve and request the paperwork.

2015E (a Church in Western Chicagoland):  1569

2015F (a Church in Northeastern Illinois):  SOLD OUT

2015G (a Church in South Chicagoland):  2

2015H (a Church in Southeastern Illinois):  13

2015I (a Church in Northeastern Illinois):  258

2015J (a Church in South Chicagoland):  57


Baptist Foundation of Illinois encourages Illinois Baptists to respond, both individually and corporately, to God’s call of stewardship upon their lives, connecting them with ministry opportunities that transform the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Baptist Foundation of Illinois     3085 Stevenson Drive       Springfield, IL  62703       217.391.3116      Doug.Morrow@BaptistFoundationIL.org